Saturday, November 3, 2007

A little bulb right in the middle....

I've read about them, I've seen pictures of them, I've sympathized and empathized about them....and now I have one.

I was enjoying my Saturday afternoon watching TV, eating halloween candy and running my fingers through my hair. All of a sudden I feel a big knot in the middle of one of my baby locs. I yelled, "What is this?" (I really did). I had my roommate come and look at it, ran to the mirror and there was a big knot, bunch, bump or whatever you call it, just sitting there. I checked out every single baby for another one and that was the only one I first. It's about the size of a little pea and it's hard. I can only relate this experience to the first time you feel your baby kick when you're pregnant. I was so excited. Thanks to the blogs and sisterlock group I know, I believe I know what's going on. I'm progressing the way I'm supposed to. The information/education I've received is invaluable. I know that this is just part of the process of locking.......................right?

Two days later...I found a few more smaller little knots in the very back of my head, closer to the scalp. Oh well.....just another phase.

Sunday, October 14, 2007




My SL babies are curly, straight, long, short, fuzzy, silky, tidy, unruly, thick, thin, full and stringy. I never know what they're going to do or how they're going to look. Everyday they're different. This is really a hair journey. Actually, I've been going through a crazy hair journey all my life. Hair has always been an issue...i'm happy when the hair's happy. I'm Happy!

Yes, I've totally neglected to keep my post updated due to many, many issues going on in my life. But now, it's all good. My life is settled down a bit and my sisterlocks are thriving.

I MOVED! I had to downsize 150 percent and it's hard to let things go. Moving was a good decision and even though it was the biggest feat I've done in a long time, it will be worth it. I will save financially and be more comfortable in a home instead of an apartment. I can now start living life the way I hope to instead of working without being able to live life. Because of the move, I've had major computer issues, can't get online, can't host my pictures, can't get to my e-mail. ....but throughout all of this there was one thing that was constant....I didn't have to deal with my hair. Now that's a blessing!

The pics below are SL'd 5 WEEKS!

I've been through all the usual baby sisterlock emotions...up and down, I like it today, I don't like it tomorrow. It seems to look the same, my parts aren't filling in fast enough, I'm itching and flaking, it's not long know! A little disappointing at times, but I'm patient and the bottom line is that I love the freedom and I'm thankful to have them.

I experienced my first wash and I love how it looked and felt. What a change..they almost felt crispy. I still have little braid-like babies, but it does look thicker...especially in the back. Washing was an experience. I don't think the SL Shampoo is good for me, but I'll use up what I have. Since my skin and scalp is sensitive, I believe it caused a rash on my neck and forehead, and eyebrows. I'm also more itchy, not only in my scalp, but on my face and shoulders. After banding I had such a mess. I couldn't get those little bands out of my hair, and yes, I lost some hair...quite a bit. I guess I have to do them a lot looser next time. That's how you learn. Thank God they were bright colors. A week later I found one on the side that I completely missed.

I did something I wasn't supposed to do...but I've done it many time while wearing braids so I thought I could gently dye my edges in the front and top. Just about 1 inch all the way around the front of my face. I was very careful and it worked out great. I use Bigen Hair Color. It has no peroxide and is very gentle. I've been using it for years and it doesn't affect my skin. It's a powder that you mix with water and I must made sure it was thin so I could wash it out easily. I cannot stand the grey that frames my face. It looks like lint. I really tried to stick it out, but I had to give in to my vanity. I'm happy with the results. These pictures are after my very first wash after my first retightening......(my hair really shrunk up). I know...they all look the same, and I'm scalpy again.

My retightening felt good. It took about 2.5 hours or a little less. I thought I had lost a couple in the back, but my loctician told me I did not lose one...not one. That made me very happy. I guess I'm taking care of them the way they should be. For the most part I just leave them alone. I love them when they're wet. I spritz with bottled water and sometimes a little sea breeze.

My hair is one length. The total look is something like a bob. I kind of wished I would have gotten it layered before I got the SL's put in. I'm still dealing with the see-thru thing. I think my sides, (at least on the right), are sparse because when I used to straighten my hair I would always burn it on the right side. I'd stick the comb or curling iron on my hair without being careful and it would just burn. It would smoke, turn light brown and the just fall off. Since I wore braids a lot I didn't consider the uneveness an issue. Now, on the front right side I have hair from 9 inches to 2 inches long! (Shorter on the right because that's the side I begin with.) My left side is consistent in length and fuller. I think layering would have made it fuller all around. Oh well, I always want something that I don't have. If I had it layered, I probably would wish it was one length. That's how my hair saga's been for a long time.

I banded and washed a second time. I'm probably going to wash it at least once a week...I like how it feels so much. I had to search for the little rubber bands because I lost them in the move. Finally after wasting a day searching, I decided to buy some more. Of course, at the time the beauty supply was not open. I went to the drug little colored rubber bands. I went to WalMart and found these bands which were colored plastic and I love them. I had to get the package with three different sizes, but that's okay. They were stiff, but easy to get on and so easy to slide off. The main thing is I didn't loose any hair. I would recommend them instead of the regular rubber bands. I won't go back. Oh, when I wash my last rinse is with bottled water. The water in Vegas is very, very hard.

I have worn my hair so many ways throughout the years and I just want to share some pics of the many hairdos I've gone through. I've tried a weave, afros, half wigs, and ultimately mostly I wore short, long, extra long and layered braids. I believed that braids were the best for me because I had hair freedom....hence, Sisterlocks....they're ideal for me. The pictures below show some of my styles in the past 6-7 years.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Two weeks has now passed and I am quickly approaching my third week. My pictures look the same every time. It's weird....when I look at the pictures, I don't see much of a change. Of course, they still look very braidish. These babies are still like little strings with minds of their own. I've trained some of them to go in my preferred direction so that's better.
My scalp is slowly filling in now....maybe my hair is thinner than I thought. I think one or two in the very back might have come out. Some of them have little beadies on the ends and some of the ends are just straight. They feel light and limp. I spray them with water and braid them or twist them and roll the ends so they'll look fuller. A couple of nights i fell asleep without braiding or putting anything on my head. (well quite a few nights). I got up and went about my business without even really doing anything with my hair. I love it! I love not wearing a shower cap. I love how it blows in the wind. This is truly freedom.
My grey hair is beginning to grow. I don't think it's becoming to me at this point in life. Sometimes I forget and think it's lint and try to pick it out. I know it is, and will be very much a part of my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my's just not becoming to me right now. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep from dying it...I'll just have to see how much grey I can take.....
I'm hanging in here. I've actually worn it loose for for a few days instead of clipping it up. It feels good. One of my biggest critics says she loves it! That means a lot. I've been trying to keep my hands out of it and it's not itching at all. I think changing from tap water to bottled water was the key. I've just noticed some flakes on my shoulders when I've worn black. I'll have to take care of that. I'm trying so hard to wait for my first wash.

I'm finally getting used to them, but I'm still not quite comfortable with how I look. I can't say I'm actually secure with them yet. Reading the blogs of others are helping me through all this. I've said it before, but I am truly amazed at all the common and interesting experiences, the support and genuine concern that are shared in the blogs and lockitup.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Once again, I must say that the SL sisters are a rare breed. Thank you. I am SL'D ONE FULL WEEK now and I'm beginning to love seeing the changes as the partings close in on each other. My hair is so light and goes in all directions. This long weekend is giving me a chance to really absorb what I've done and how I look. I've been on line constantly to read and learn more and more. I want to embrace everything at once. It's really interesting to read about other's lives. It's odd to share such deep feelings for all to read, but it's peaceful and rewarding. I have the urge to buy new make up, change my wardrobe, and work out more to compliment my hair. My baby locs are the center of my world right now. I’ve thrown away my old hair products. I have space in my cabinets and under my sink. This week has been like a roller coaster ride. One day I'm loving it, the next day I'm feeling insecure and vulnerable. I've been depressed and elated. Today, I'm happy and yesterday I was happy….so it’s getting better all the time.
My scalp began to itch yesterday and I thought it was just the psychological effect from reading all the “Itchy Itchy” LockItUp posts on yahoo. Then I realized it was itching where I’ve been spraying the most water. The water in vegas is very, very hard; I don't drink it..…in fact, I used to use bottled water for my final hair rinse when I washed my hair. The mineral buildup in our water is obviously evident by the residue it leaves on the faucets and showers. I did a little research and found out that the build up of chemicals in the water could be a cause of the itching and drying out the hair. So, I'm taking no chances. From now on, I’m misting my hair with bottled water. I love that water is now my friend! I carry the spray bottle with me...the mist is a nice refresher in this 107 degree weather.
I’ve begun to get (what I call) little “beadies” on the bottoms. They’re kind of cute and are mostly in the back right now.

I’ve taken pictures almost every day. I’ll be posting some them along with some before/natural pictures shortly. I've enjoyed looking at others' transformations. Just like most of us, I've gone though many, many years of hair woes and it will be fun for me to see and share them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm happy today. I'm feeling much better about this transition. I'm understanding it more. All of the support has helped me so much. My sister lock friend called and encouraged me once again....right on time. I spoke with my loctician, who by the way, did a great job. Thank you, Stacy. I've already referred her. I appreciate the support I've received from's truly amazing. I feel strong, thankful and empowered. It's been a constant battle to stay consistent in the gym. My workout regime is finally showing my hard work! Thank you all....

Monday, August 27, 2007


I have been wanting to start a blog for so long, and now I really have the drive and the purpose to do this. I've begun many, many new experiences and journeys. Moving from my hometown to another state and unfamiliar environment; single life; changing careers; going back to school; raising a grandchild as a single parent....and the list goes on and on.

Now, I have started my Sister Lock Journey. I wanted Sister Locks so I could have hair freedom. I've worn braids off and on for years. I get so tired of wearing them, so I stop and wear my hair, (pressed). After about a week or two, the upkeep is just too much trouble and I want my braids back. No relaxer for me....I can't use chemicals or oils on my scalp is too sensitive. I haven't used chemicals for over 20 years. So, it's been a vicious cycle. Take braids out, get hair done, get bad haircut, grow it out with braids, tire of braids so I take them out, get hair done, too much upkeep, back to braids.

My Sister Locks began August 25, 2007. 3 months ago I saw a women across a room and I went to her and said, "Your hair is beautiful." "Whatever you have, I want it too." I never heard about Sister Locks before. I read the website, did research, found a consultant and got my sample locks. I made my appointment for approx. 3 months. I changed my mind so many times during that period, but my new Sister Lock friend knew just when to call and encourage me.

Now it's done. Even though I thought I prepared myself, it's hard to accept how it looks in this stage. Normally, my own hair is very thick and full, soft and about 2-3 inches past my shoulders (9-11 inches). Now, during this transition, it appears to be thin, airy and a lot shorter. Please don't get me wrong, I'm happy it's my own hair, and I do love it and I have no regrets. I'm a patient person and I know in time I'll be so, so happy I did this. After visiting all the wonderful sites, I realized that I didn't pick this process for cultural reasons. I chose Sister Locks to liberate me and free me from my vicious cycle. I am hoping that now, (even though I may have approached this all backwards), I will be able to embrace the cultural aspect of having my hair's natural state visable and be proud of it.

After sitting 22-23 hours:

Day 1 - I could not get it together this morning.....but, off to work....